Ontario Development Team (Tier 2)

WSWO and Provincial Team Coach, Jason McClintock, are happy to announce the members of the 2019 Ontario Water Ski Under 21 Provincial, Development and Grassroots Team.

Check out the bios below to learn more about our Under 21 Development Team competitors!


DIV: U14

Discipline: Slalom Trick

Following in the footsteps of her brother, Lior began skiing at just 4 years old. Her father first taught her on a public lake in Ontario, until she shifted her training to McClintock’s Ski School on Puslinch Lake. She loves competing and spending her summers with her water ski family and friends. She began competing when she was 11 after her dad and brother kept encouraging her to try a tournament. She is most proud of her recent season where she went from skiing 34 km/h to 52 km/h in one season, which is a great advancement to make in such a small amount of time. Outside of being a dynamite skier, Lior competitively dances, and plays volleyball and basketball.

Ivison PAUL

DIV: U17

Discipline: Slalom

Ivison began skiing at his cottage on Crystal Lake when he was just 2 years old. After participating in a water ski camp at McClintock’s Ski School in 2018 Ivison quickly caught the bug for competitive water skiing and entered his first tournament at the end of the 2018 season. Skiing has always been a passion for him, and he loves how it makes him feel like he is walking on water. He was proud of himself when he finally completed 22 off for the first time, especially after how much hard work went into learning! Outside of water skiing his favorite hobbies include snow skiing, wake surfing, basketball and ping pong.




DIV: U14

Discipline: Slalom

Finn began skiing when he was just 6 years old on the Welland River with his mom and Andy Jackson. He has since moved his training to Niagara where his mom owns and operates ‘T’s Pond’ (Greater Niagara Ski Club). He has always loved having fun on the water and pushing himself to new levels and became excited about competing after his home site started hosting tournaments. He was so excited to qualify for Nationals in 2018 and looks forward to many more great seasons to come! When he isn’t skiing he is found playing on the trampoline, playing hockey, snowboarding, playing video games and he especially loves hip hop.