Additional information about Ontario's Team may be found here!

Provincial Team (Tier 1)

This is the main provincial waterski team in Ontario. Skiers on this team train with the aim to compete at the provincial, national and even international levels.


  • Charlie Ross
  • Anna Wheeler
  • Ethan Kuntz
  • Eddie Silverberg
  • Ty Bigourdan
  • Matthew Baxter
  • Hunter Shanks
  • Reuben Mednick
  • Sebastian Hron
  • Hayden Beynon
  • Matthew Brekalo
  • Matthew Marion

Development Team (Tier 2)

Athletes on this team train along side the tier 1 skiers. This team is designed to prepare skiers for the Provincial team should they apply for and be accepted to it in future years.


  • Hannah Kuntz
  • Ryan Cresswell
  • Ben Wheeler
  • Jacob Kuntz
  • Brody Cox
  • Adeline Beynon
  • Chloe Friedrich
  • Emma Tamblyn
  • Logan McCarthy
  • Nathan Velocci
  • Isabel Beck
  • Alistair Beck

Grassroots Team (Tier 3)

This team teir is designed primarily for skiers new to the sport who would like to begin to experience tournament level training and competitions.


  • Amelia Pakeman